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The Windows Phone 8 development team added a set of 36 icons to the SDK to be used on the Application Bar by developers of external applications.

This number seemed quite low to get things done, even more after seeing the other icons spread across the native Windows Phone 8 applications (like the “send” icon on the messages, the “attach” icon on the mail app, etc.)

Thus, I now present you a collection of 99 extra icons in comparison to the 36 that comes on the SDK (please click on the image below to get a full size visualization of the collection)

Windows Phone 8 Application Bar Icons

Most of these icons are the original ones that show up in the Windows Phone 8 apps (extracted from the application resources), others where simply modified to get the correct measures (changing the “canvas” to 76×76, the right size for this type of icons).

The icons are here free of charge, all I ask is that you please link to this page and not directly to the file! ;)

  • http://www, Gerd A. Zimmermann

    great work, but how can I use the icons as a bar on my ATIV-S?

    • Pedro Lamas

      You use them like all the other in the SDK; you can read here about how to create and user Application Bar icon buttons for your application.

  • Clive Gout (@cliveontoast)

    Great stuff

  • Nicolaj Larsen

    Exactly what I was looking for. Great job.

  • Fred Duarte

    Absolutely fantastic work! The icons look beautiful!

  • Thierry

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but how do I actually use this? Am I suppose to use a icon editor of some sort and extract each individual icon I need or is there any easier way to do this? Thanks.

    • Pedro Lamas

      You have a zip file on the top to download with all the icons ready to use in your apps!

      • thierryfierens

        Dooh!!! Sorry about that! Great icons btw! Thanks again!

  • BobHy

    Thank you for a very clean package for us long-suffering independent developers.