Cimbalino Windows Phone Toolkit updated to v2.3.0

I just released a new Cimbalino Windows Phone Toolkit version!

Here’s a short list of all the goodies you’ll find in the 2.3.0 version:

  • Breaking change: Location component now uses the new Windows Phone 8 Location API (Geolocator) on WP8 (WP7 version will mimic behavior with GeoCoordinateWatcher)
  • Breaking change: In WP8, the UserExtendedPropertiesService.AnonymousUserID now returns the “ANID2” value (WP7 version will still return “ANID”)
  • New MultiBindingBehavior
  • New OptimizedObservableCollection class
  • Several improvements and bug fixes!

I didn’t actually release a change log for the previous 2.2.0 version, so here it is now:

  • New MutexLock and NamescopeBinding helper classes
  • New BooleanToBrushConverter and BooleanToIntConverter
  • New UriExtensions class
  • The ApplicationBarBehavior and MultiApplicationBarBehavior can now be attached to the PhoneApplicationPage
  • The SystemTrayService implementation now allows for a global system tray across all pages
  • Removed the cimbalino = XML namespace prefix (incompatible with WP8)
  • Several improvements and bug fixes

A big “thank you” is due to Scott Lovegrove for his continuous code contributions and articles about the toolkit!

Now to write some posts about the new features… ;)