Cimbalino Windows Phone Toolkit Updated to v3.2.3

Version 3.2.3 of Cimbalino Windows Phone Toolkit is now available!

As previously indicated, this will probably be the last version still supporting Windows Phone 7…

Here’s the change log starting from version 3.2.0 to the current 3.2.3:

  • v3.2.1
    • New WebRequestExtensions
    • Ensured that MarketplaceInformationService doesn’t cache the results
  • v3.2.2
    • New EventHandlerExtensions
    • Improved the MultiBindingBehavior by adding the missing Mode property
    • Improved the ShellTileServiceTile to enable tiles update with XML data
    • Fixed a couple of issues on MarketplaceInformationService related to “beta apps”
  • v3.2.3
    • New SaveRingtoneService
    • New ScreenCaptureBehavior
    • New FrameworkElementExtensions
    • DeviceInfo, Location, and UserInfo components can now be used inside Background Agents
    • Improved ShellToastService to add the custom sound support

There are other improvements and bug fixes not stated here, but also quite important too! :)