Cimbalino Toolkit 2.0.0 (final)

Bring out the champagne, because Cimbalino Toolkit version 2.0.0 has gone “gold” and is now production ready! :)

As previously stated, the focus for this new version was to add support for UWP (Universal Windows Platform), thus making the toolkit support a total of 4 platforms:

  • Windows Phone Silverlight 8.0 and 8.1 apps (WP8)
  • Windows Phone 8.1 apps (WPA81)
  • Windows Store 8.1 apps (Win81)
  • Windows 10 UWP apps (Universal Windows Platform)

Please remember to manually add the Behaviors SDK to your UWP apps if you use Cimbalino! The other platforms will have it added automatically, but due to changes in the way NuGet works this is not possible for UWP.