XAML Behaviors UWP Managed 1.1.0

The XAML Behaviors for UWP has just been updated to version 1.1.0.

Among other changes, this version contains two fixes that I personally contributed for issues found in the EventTriggerBehavior:

The NuGet package has been updated so if you’re using the Xaml Behaviors in your app, all you need is to let NuGet take the latest version of the package!

In the next days I’ll be releasing a new version of the Cimbalino Toolkit to take this updated Xaml Behaviors package.

Update 24/02/2016:

I forgot to mention a massive difference on the new version of the XAML Behaviors:

If you use PowerShell to output the Assembly Full Name from the current and previous versions of the XAML Behaviors, this is what you will get:

Microsoft.Xaml.Interactivity assembly full name

Notice the different PublicKey value?

Well, after a long discussion about it, seems Microsoft has finally decided in removing the StrongName signing!

Though this might not sound as an important change, it is fundamentally a sign of ditching the “old” legacy .NET Framework stuff.

But I’ll leave that for a next post… šŸ˜‰

  • Thierry

    I can’t believe the timing!! Just received your newsletter about having to unregister the EventTriggerBehavior and only yesterday after spending hours I was about to log a long post on stackoverflow.com as I was faced with this problems where events were triggered multiple times after my behaviors library was updated from 8.1 to the uwp. It droved me nuts as my app was working perfectly well until this upgrade occurred. Decided not to post question just yet as I started spotting other new issues. Only wish your newsletter was published a couple of days sooner as I’ve now removed the event behavior from the various places it was used in. Thanks for sharing as always!

    • A case of bad luck, I guess!
      The bug was fixed quite some time ago, but they only pushed an updated package yesterday, hence why I didn’t publish on it before! My advice to you for next time is to start by checking the reported Issues in GitHub and see if someone has provided a fix! šŸ™‚

      • Thierry

        Indeed, it was. As for checking github, I definitely will. Thanks

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