What I've been up to lately!

A few months ago, I decided to take a break from UWP development, and since then I’ve been learning a lot of different technologies while working in new projects!

Don’t get me wrong here: I still love to work in UWP and will carry on doing so, but reality is that it’s been getting a lot harder to find companies looking for UWP experts to work.

At the same time, I believe there is nothing wrong with expanding your knowledge base by learning new stuff, so here we are!

Since learning React and TypeScript, I’ve fully migrated this website from Jekyll to Gatsby.

I enjoyed Gatsby so much that I have even contributed with a couple of PR’s and created my first Gatsby Plugin gatsby-remark-acronyms (this is also my first npm package ever)!

In my home I have a NanoPi NEO 2 SBC running Home Assistant as an all-in-one home automation solution, so I’ve open-sourced my whole configuration, including the Docker configuration that hosts it.

This gave me the opportunity to improve my Python skills, and so I have already contributed back with a couple of PR’s.

There are a few more projects I’m involved on that I haven’t mentioned above, but the more I learn new stuff, the more I think I should make a change to the site description: ”Windows Development”…