Programming and Tinkering!

Though this might come as no surprise given the lack of content here lately, I’ve been mostly away from any type of Windows development work - not only on a personal level but also on a professional one.

The raw reality is that the work opportunities in Windows Development in the UK have mostly disappeared, and right now, there are no signs of this changing anytime soon!

For the past 2.5 years I’ve been working mostly with .NET Core 3.1, .NET 5, and .NET 6, building backend solutions, running inside Docker containers or as Lambda functions, hosted in Microsoft Azure and/or Amazon Web Services - and I have learned a lot with people who have more experience than I did on this type of work!

On a personal level, I’ve been experimenting a lot more in Home Automation, using Home Assistant, ESPHome, and Zigbee2MQTT.

A couple of months ago I bought an Ender-3 V2 3D printer which I have now heavily modified, and that took me to learn more about CAD modeling, 3D printing, electronics, and start contributing in some related open-source projects - but I’m going to leave that for another post!

As I continue this new phase, I wanted to drop the “Windows Development” moniker on this website and replace it with a more appropriate “Programming and Tinkering”!