Review of my WPUG talk

Last Monday I had the pleasure of participating in a WPUG event where I talked about the Nokia Music API and the Cimbalino Windows Phone Toolkit.

I had quite a technical challenge, as I couldn’t access the internet from inside the emulator, no matter what I did!

After a couple of minutes in silent panic, I tried to bypass the connectivity problems the best I could, doing anything from showing a YouTube video of Nokia Music features to running the demos on my personal phone and showing it off in the air to the audience!

Other than that, the event went really good, and hopefully I’ll start seeing more and more people using the Nokia Music API and Cimbalino Windows Phone Toolkit in their apps! ;)

From the feedback I got, I can see people requesting more information about MVVM, so I’m going to point to two articles I wrote about two years ago for Coding4Fun (now part of Microsoft Channel9):

My big “thank you” to Matt Lacey and Riaz Ahmed for the opportunity! :)