Cimbalino Windows Phone Toolkit Updated to v3.0.0

I’m proud to present the latest version of Cimbalino Windows Phone Toolkit!

This new version comes with a major breaking change: Visual Studio 2012 is now required, as the toolkit has taken the “async/await” path! :D

If you still use Visual Studio 2010 for your Windows Phone development, you can still use the previous version of the toolkit (but then again, seems like a really nice time to upgrade ;) )

And without further ado, here’s the change-log:

  • async/await support added for WP7
  • New Cimbalino.Phone.Toolkit.Background component, fully compatible with Background Agents.
  • New ShellTileService
  • New VoiceCommandService
  • New LauncherService
  • New NetworkInformationService
  • AsyncStorageService is now compatible with WP7
  • BingMapsService has been removed and the functionality moved to MapsService
  • Several improvements and bug fixes!